Saturday, July 12, 2008

Training,Day 12/ Posted Day 13

A colorful corner of downtown.

In some ways I really love this town. Yes most of the people are preppy and stuck up but there are some that are very nice. The main thing I love about this town is it's sense of it's own history. The people of Bay City are really working on making this a tourist town full of life and history. During the summer months there is so much to see and do. Yesterday I went downtown to check out the annual Downtown Bay City Sidewalk Days. I parked and walked up and down the streets checking out the stores and the sales.

An awesome store, with an annual Harry Potter festival to boot!

Then I headed over to Gypsies for a Butter Beer Smoothie. I wanted to get lunch too but the Deli was closed when I got there. I had so much fun and although I didn't walk that far compared to how long I was there I am counting it as part of my exercise because it got me out of the house and moving.

Our cute little ButterBall!!

Later on last night we decided it was time to start training Butter on the leash. She tends to pull you along and I don't want her doing that when I run with her. We took an hour long walk and went a little over two miles. By the end of the walk she was walking with us about half the time and pulling us the other half. I am counting that as progress!

Yes, that's us!

I have so much I want to do with this page but am not sure how to make it all work... enter Whit to save my sanity! Web life is good when you live with a computer nerd! We are going to work on the site tonight and hopefully make it what I wanted. If not it will just have to work the way it is!

Today's Stat's:

Low effort.
105 Minutes.
342 Calories Burned.
280 run weight.

That's all I have to say about that.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn

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