Monday, July 14, 2008

Training, Day 15 and Bridges

Lord of the Loop's: The Two Bridges (Just another Pearl of Whitizm)

A pic of today's loop

I had a good workout today even though it was technically my off day. I was just not satisfied with the lack of mileage from yesterdays non-bike ride. We set out to just take Butter on a short walk and ended up on a 4 mile bridge loop. It was nice to get out and really give my legs a stretch and the shin splints aren't bothering me as much as they where last week so that is a good thing. I still had to stop and stretch a few times though which is probably what killed our time. Well that and trying to train Butter. She almost gets it by the end of each walk but the next one always starts off as a struggle again. I know she is smart and I really hope that she picks up this walking thing soon. I want to be able to take her on my runs but I can't do that efficiently the way she is now. Oh well.

Independence Bridge

I got some hills in today also via the bridges. I am going to keep doing this loop until I can do it in an hour and 15 mins. That is my new mini goal. Plus it brings me 4 miles closer to the elves every time I do this walk. Yea!!!!

Liberty Bridge

Today's Stat's:

Walk with Whit and Butter

Medium/High effort.


92 Minutes.

393 Calories Burned.
104 minimum bpm.

117 average
130 maximum
280 run weight.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn

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