Friday, July 11, 2008

letters d'amour en echange

I want to share something inspirational with you today. Whit and I sometimes communicate via letters to each other on the computer. Several months ago he left me a message that was so inspiring I asked him to write it down so that I could hang it and read it often. This is the message he left:

Bon jour mon Sexy Snowflake,

Good morning Beautiful, and welcome to your new adventures... I wish you luck with your new path. May many good things come your way, and I know you have the strength to get through the bad. You might consider training your Endurance!-)>(for putting up with Wal-Mart shit)

As a level 1 life warrior, you will have the heavenly shield of God, which provides excellent protection, though it may at times seem unreliable. You have also been supplied free will. Though providing endless positive possibilities, it may at times turn to dark energy, and as such, should be kept in check by the individual. The Sword of Truth, Stubborn Knife of Individuality, and the powerful Staff of
the Strong Minded, will be at your disposal in your new walk. Your items will build strength with progressive levels.

The Town of Jennslife is seeing some rough times at the hands of the horrible villain Poorhealth, who has joined forces with the massive armies of Negativethoughts. Together they have fought against the good people of the pleasant town, and now the townsfolk have come to you to save them. They come to you, knowing you have the strength and wisdom needed to defeat the assault and restore order to Jennslife. You will find many obstacles, quests, journeys, and choices, but you may also find a new weapon, or piece of armor.

You will also find friends and family willing to join in your battles. I know I will be available to help with many of your battles, though I'm not always available, for my village is at war as well. For now, good luck, good day, and I
love you.


Did I mention that we are nerds? We were both into the game AdventureQuest at the time of this message and I was in a stressful job that I hated and also dealing with several health problems. Since then I have been trying again and again to get my life and health in order. I have had ups and downs over the months but through it all Whit has been by my side as much as I have let him. He really is an amazing man, and I do love him so.

I hope you all have found a little inspiration from this message, I know that I did. As long as Whit is by my side I will keep trying till I finally defeat Poorhealth and his armies of Negativethoughts. I will save the town of Jennslife, I have to, it's my town.

Just call me Lara Croft

Happy Training,
Love Jenn

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