Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Challenge progress

On New Years Eve I posted my Challenges on my Pastoral Dreams Blog and I am happy to announce that things are going quite well.

I was highly motivated on January 1st and worked my butt off on a project I have been needing to do for a while. Cleaning out the supply room. Again. When I started working here I got it mostly cleaned up and organized how I wanted it, then I became lackadaisical and let it slide a bit until it was almost to the point of starting from scratch! I was so frustrated at myself for letting it go but at the same time it was becoming a bigger and bigger task every day and I just didn't know how to begin again. I am still working on it but have made a ton of progress thus far.

I am also doing well with my 2 hours off my butt challenge. I have been using that time to clean mostly and am very happy with my progress.

I have managed to limit my computer time successfully and have used the extra time from that to work my way through my first book. I should have it finished by tomorrow and will post a review on Pastoral Dreams. I have a knitting project cast-on that I am hoping to finish this week as well.

On a similar thread, my friend over at thepoopdalek posted today about themes for the past year. This got me thinking about how I would describe the past year in one word. I have come to the conclusion that last years theme was travel. We moved from Michigan to Nebraska to Kansas and landed in Iowa. Who knows where this coming year will take us.

Do you have a theme for last year?