Monday, July 7, 2008

Training, Day 8 and Shin Splints!!!

I have my first runners injury, shin splints. Which means that even though I thought that I was going slow and easy my body thought that I was doing too much. I shouldn't be surprised however because my body never agree's with me anyway. Like at party's when I think I can have just one more and my body says "No way sister!" and hits the reject button.

Or when I have a new book and I just want to finish it tonight and I wake up in the morning still sitting on the couch with my face buried in the book, which now has a big drool spot, thanks a lot body. So much for training it to do what I want.

Do you know what is most annoying about all of that? It's that most of the time my body is right.

It knows what it can and can't handle and no amount of me telling it otherwise will make it back down.

I guess I can admire that.

So today I will ice my shins and the rest of the week I will be walking without jog intervals. We will see how I feel next week and maybe try the intervals again. This time however I am going to be more intune with what my body is saying, or at least I am going to try. Life is just one big learning process it would seem.

Today's Stat's

Walk/Jog Intervals.
Jogged 1 time for about 30 seconds
Low effort.
1.46 miles.
30 Minutes.
125 Calories Burned.
116 minimum bpm.
120 average bpm.
150 maximum bpm.
268 run weight.

Went farther than the mile I planned because I started out with Butter in tow but she was being naughty so I turned around and took her home before starting out again. The second time I started I noticed on my first jog session that I had shin splints so I walked the rest of the way, pausing occasionally to rest. This was not my best workout to date but I am not going to push and cause further injury. My mood is still good and I am proud of myself for sticking with it and completing the workout. That is a big accomplishment for me in itself.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn

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