Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Training, Day 16 and Accomplishments

Chinese symbol for Accomplishment.

Just finished up my second turn on the Independence/Liberty Bridge Loop. I felt great! I was able to cut 7 minutes off of my previous time and I added a teeny bit of mileage to bring it closer to 4 miles. My legs didn't bother me hardly at all and I was able to get in two 30 second jog's at the end. I am so happy with my accomplishments for today!!!!!


Now all I have to do is shave off ten more minutes from my time to reach my first goal of an hour and 15 minutes. Another 15 minutes shaved off would bring me to the next goal of 4 miles in 1 hour.

I'm the cute one in the rockin' head band.

In my heart I am jumping up and down with joy! I really don't know what else to say. I am too excited. So without further ado here are the numbers!!!!

Award for me!

Today's Stat's:

Walk/Jog with Whit and Butter
Jogged twice at 30 seconds each!

Medium/High effort.


400 Calories Burned.
116 minimum bpm.

125 average
154 maximum
280 run weight.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


Alice said...

Shaved off 7 min from your time? Wow, that's very impressive. As you become able to run more and more of your route, shaving off another 10 should not be impossible at all.
Keep running girl!

Jenn said...

Thank You,
I am so excited about this whole running thing that I find myself looking forward to the next workout so that I can run just a little bit more.

Dare I say that I am a runner now?!?