Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sorry Ya'll... Bad Poetry Cometh!

My Love

I never thought I would find it,
It was out of my reach.
I wasn't sure what it was,
How could I be sure with no one to teach.

I searched under rocks, around corners,
in big cities and small towns.
With the whole world at my feet
Nothings what I found.

So I gave up hope,
quit looking high and low.
Thats when I discovered it,
right under my nose.

A few words and a glance,
told me you were something special.
I found myself looking
for the chance to know more.

I asked for advice,
this was new territory for me.
I had to find out
if you felt it too,
but how to go about it,
only God knew.

I thought and I prayed
then I jumped right in.
I fell hard and fast
clear up to my chin.

It was great and simple
amazing and real.
But as the tide came in
I lost my footing and found fear.

I could not breath
I could not think
what to do now
I am lost and about to sink.

I look up and down
but nothing is there.
Did I imagine it
or does he really care.

Then I start to think
I can take it no more.
I think maybe this
is why I stayed on the shore.

I close my eyes tight
and tears join the water.
I open them again
and I see the father.

He calms me down
and soothes my fears.
He tells me that life
is not so bad to cause tears.

Then he smiles and turns
and behind him I see
My love standing, waiting
and watching over me.

He reaches a hand
past the father toward me.
Then my hand and the fathers
reach for him through the sea.

God says this is the one
true and important thing in this life.
Trust in each other
It will be all right.

Suddenly I can breath
and sunlight floods my face.
Me and my love
standing together in his grace.

July 19th, 2007
Love Jenn
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