Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Build a Workout Videos and My Virtual Model

This is my plan for the week to incorporate strength training and yoga into my walking and jogging routine.

Monday and Thursday
Tuesday and Friday

Wednesday and Saturday

Sunday +

All Day, Every Day
Yoga at my Desk (pick me up all day)

My walking and jogging routine is going to be:
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday-- 30 minute walk and 30 minute walk after work.
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday--30 minute walk and 30 minute walk/jog intervals after work.
Sunday-- Long walk

This plan should allow me to incorporate fitness into my future office job by doing the sun salutation and 30 minutes of strength training in the morning and doing the 30 minute walks during my lunch hour then finishing up the day with either a 30 minute walk or walk/jog interval. I will do the 5 minute yoga at my desk throughout the day to stay limber, energized and focused. Sunday will be the long workout day with almost an hour of sun salutations followed by a long walk.

I know this sounds like a lot but if I can incorporate this into my day it will keep it manageable and I will still have plenty of time in the evening to prepare meals and relax with Whit. At least I will have time in the evenings after I am done with school. Just two months to go on that. Then I can really start to go from this:

To This:

If that isn't motivating then I don't know what will be. It is kinda cool to use this program to track weight loss actually because then you can see a somewhat accurate image of yourself. Everyone should go check it out.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


Alice said...

You know, I cannot stress enough the importance of weight training. While cardio helps you burn calories and lose weight, strength training is what makes those little muscles look so healthy and beautiful once the fat layer melts away. I think you have a very good plan ready. I cannot wait to see how you like your results. And keep on running!

MizFit said...

loved your comment today, jenn.

and not surprisingly Im right with alice.

weightsweightsweights are fabfabfab.

great plan and the virtual model I both love and am heebie jeebie'd by.


Laura said...

I love your plan - very similar to how I break out my muscle groups! If you want to try some new stuff, check out the "8 Minute Fitness" DVD (totally 80s but it's very good, and I can ALWAYS make time for eight minutes, which usually gets me going longer) and also the "Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom" DVD (each segment is 15 minutes).

The virtual me site is a bit slow but I will keep trying - that's really cool!

Jenn said...

Alice: I love weight training, the feeling of making your muscles work to their limits has always thrilled me. However I did take it to the extreme once so now I try to keep it all in check and exercise moderation.

Miz: It just creeps me out how accurate the virtual model can be. Did you know they can now do a thing where you upload a pic and they stick your face on it. (shivers)

Laura: Thank you for the suggestions, I will have to check them out sometime. Right now I am just loving the build your owns because some of these moves are quite fun and you can decide how long you want to work out and what moves you do. Also the virtual model gave me troubles too, but it's cool if you can get it to work. Also did you know that I read your blog almost every day. How surprised was I when you commented on my blog! (read fell out of my chair) I am guessing you found me at Mizfits blog. Welcome aboard anyways.

Love you all and thanks for the comments.


L.A. Daze said...

This virtual model thing is pretty cool!