Sunday, July 13, 2008

Training, Day 14-- Off road!

No I didn't go trail running.

I didn't do any running today at all. Instead I spent 30 mins. on my stationary bike and worked up a mean sweat, but since the little display isn't working I can't tell you how far I "went" and since I forgot the heart rate monitor I can't tell you my min/avg/max, which means no calorie count. Today I will just have to be satisfied with the knowledge that I did it. LOL. Like that will satisfy me. I will have to go for a walk or something tonight so that I can log some sort of mileage. Otherwise I just don't feel right.

On another note, What do ya'll think of the page? And by Ya'll I mean the 2 people who actually read my babble.

Whit and I worked on it last night and he actually taught me some tech stuff with html. The real question is will I remember what I was taught when it comes time for me to use it again? The world may never know!

Today's Stat's:

Stationary Bike
Medium/High effort.
30 Minutes.
uhn...Calories Burned.
280 run weight.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn

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