Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Training, Day 10 and Frustrations...

Ok! It would seem that this is frustrations week. I have gained weight again. I have an injury. My dog drives me crazy. I am not showing much in the way of progress. I was so proud of myself last week but I must be slacking off or something because nothing is working out like it should.

I know, I know, That's life right!

Well life can take a hike for all I care at the moment. I am not exactly in the best of moods.

Today's Stat's:

Walk/Jog Intervals.
Jogged 1 time for about 30 seconds
Low effort.
24:07 Minutes.
103 Calories Burned.
112 minimum bpm.
118 average bpm.
152 maximum bpm.
280 run weight.

Happy Training, (Just not around me)
Love Jenn (Sometimes)

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