Saturday, July 26, 2008

Food and Exercise... Yea!

Last night I spent some time looking up yummy recipes for my new Black & Decker rice cooker with steamer basket. Unfortunately I really didn't find much so I can see that I will have to come up with my own recipes. What I did end up making last night was brown rice and steamed green beans, purple beans, and baby carrots with olive oil, garlic and oregano. I also made us each a salad of fresh green leaf and red leaf lettuce and sliced tomatoes with Italian dressing for me and good old ranch for Whit. I also baked fish for the first time in my life (and it came out perfectly according to Whit) with garlic butter sauce. I didn't eat any of that obviously but I hardly noticed as I was stuffed with veggies and rice. Besides the wine was putting me in too good of a mood to be upset about not having meat. Riesling, how I love the. ( I will have to post the story of how I came to love wine another time.)

After dinner we went for a long walk with Butter and I have to say that evening after dinner walks are amazingly revitalizing. I didn't break any speed or distance records or anything but we had a good time (Thanks for the suggestion Crabby).

When we got home an hour and 2.2 miles later we had some strawberry shortcake. Yummy! The only way it would have been better is if I made the shortcakes myself but alas I totally flaked and got the desert shells at the store. Otherwise the evening could not have been better.

I am not cooking much tonight. Maybe just a salad and some of that sweet corn I got at the farmers market. Whit has left over goulash to finish up so I am not making anything for him and I am not all that hungry so a lite salad sounds good to me. Maybe some of that cantaloupe as well. We shall see.

On a training note I have not been posting my training sessions because I would not really consider them as such (mostly just short walks with Butter), however I have been asked repeatedly how my training is going so I figured I had better post something. I am going to change the format of my training post because most of you really only want to know if I exercised or not, what I did, and how far I went. All the other info I have been giving is mostly just important to me. So here is the new training report.

Last night I walked for 2.2 miles. Slower paced and took about 55 minutes.
Today I did a 45 minute strength training workout (more on that in a minute) and walked 1.3 miles. Moderate paced and took about 24 minutes.

I wanted to tell everyone about something that I found this morning in my email. I discovered this. Fitness magazine has an online build your own workout video thing. That is what I did this morning and it was so fun. There are moves on this program that I have never heard of before and you can do a slightly different workout every day if you want, or do the same one over and over by saving it and capturing the link. I actually did a pre programed workout because I liked the moves on it. So everyone please check it out if for no other reason than to add some new moves to your old routine.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


Crabby McSlacker said...

Aren't evening walks great?

And some great suggestions/reminders in that post! Will have to check out the build your own video thing, and drag my rice cooker out of the cupboard where it's been gather dust lately. Brown rice is a great staple (when I remember to make it).

Jenn said...

I love evening walks with the man of my dreams and our cute and cuddly dog.

Brown rice is a meal maker or breaker around here. When I am eating properly I always include brown rice. Also I am loving my rice cooker. Easiest rice and veggies I have ever made.

MizFit said...

love my steamer and it changed my life (DUH!) when I realized lining the basket with lettuce leaves saved me a LOT of clean up!!


Alice said...

You guys are giving me more cooking ideas! You guys pulled out the idea of the crockpot, the wheat pie crust, then Crabby posts a link to supercook, and now, a rice cooker!
What are you guys trying to do to me??? Turn me into a cook or something??

I love after dinner walks, and I am also glad to hear you are doing so good with your training! keep going girl!
On a different note, make sure to check you get enough protein each day (YES MOM!!). If you want to see how many grams you are getting each day, you can log in what you eat on
Very helpful site.

Jenn said...

Thanks Alice,
I promise we are not trying to make you a cook or anything like that. We are just trying to make it a little easier on you. The rice cooker is supper easy.

Also I don't worry about protein too much because I eat tofu most days and then there is the soy milk on my Grape Nuts cereal. Most americans get way more protein than they really need anyways.

I log what I eat in a little travel notebook and keep track of nutrients there too. It works for me because I don't always eat at home.