Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just one more... and then I am done for the night. I just got back from the fireworks festival in Bay City. It was so beautiful. I will see what I can do to post pictures or movies on here.

However that is not the reason that I am blogging tonight. We had to park our car a long ways from the fireworks and walk the rest of the distance to see them. When I got home I checked our distance on and we walked 2.55 miles and I burned 250 more calories for today. That makes my total distance today 4.74 miles and my total calorie burn 517. I would say that I had a good day today. I would also say that I am going to take it easy tomorrow. My plan was weights and a walk but I think I will change it to weights and yoga. I will be back on the road on monday however and back to my one milers. I have at least one more week of that before I increase to two.

Good Night Everyone,
Happy Training,
Love Jenn

P.S. These are borrowed shots till I get some of mine uploaded. Sorry for any confusion.

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