Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thanks Laura!

Laura has a spreadsheet of all the races she is wanting to run on her blog. I thought this was a great idea and decided to apply it to my training. This will be a visible way of showing my planned training and my actual accomplished training. So I made one which you can find here. I will also have it linked to my calendar at the top of the page so that you can see how I am doing anytime by clicking the calendar. This will give me motivation to keep going because you all will be able to see what I am doing. Some people have worried that I am doing to much but if you look at the chart I really am not working out for more than 45 minutes most days and EVERYTHING is alternating to avoid burnout and injury.

From time to time I will also change things up a bit or put in a rest day if I really feel that my body needs one. I will try however to plan these out at least a day in advance so that I am not just being lazy. For instance I am going to rest from my scheduled walk tomorrow because of my sore back. I will still be doing my strength workout and push ups however and those results will be listed.


Laura said...

Glad the spreadsheet idea helped! :)

Alice said...

My advise on your rest day... While ideally it would be on the same day of each week, I personally find that I like it a bit moveable at times. I usually have a day where things pile up and really, I need to let go of the workout, so that's when I have my rest day.
And you are super brave to be putting your workout schedule out there for us to see.
Keep going!

Jenn said...

Laura: Thanks for the idea. I love it.

Alice: I figured I would have everything planned out, but with the idea that if things needed changing it is ok to do so.

Also like I mentioned before, it helps me to make it known because then I am accountable to others for the workout. There are days when I would not do anything if it was solely up to me. Not because I can't or because I have too much to do, but because I simply am to lazy to get off my duff. The extra motivation is good for me.


MizFit said...

why do I read this and think YOU COULD SO NEVER JUST BE LAZY!

(read: fret not about that but be SURE to work in restrestrest)


Mark Salinas said...

I like your site! Good reading!

Jenn said...

Oh Miz, you are sweet but you have no idea how lazy I can be if I really want to be. But don't worry about me, Sunday is an official rest day and I can always add in another when and if I need to. I know the need for rest, which is why today I am totally staying in my pajamas. The only things on my todo list today are abs work, pushups, and a fabulous dinner for our anniversary.


Jenn said...

Thank you mark and welcome to my blog. I am glad you like it.