Wednesday, August 6, 2008

She works hard for the runnin'... So hard for it honey!

Today was a walk and upper body day. My walk was not as far as I was planning, just 1.4 instead of 2 miles. I would have gone farther but my lower back was bothering me a bit and I didn't want to push it cause I want to run tomorrow. I think the problem is that my core is not very strong. I carry a lot of my weight on my belly and my abs just can't hold it up as well as I need them too. I am working on this but it's gonna take a while. I am aware of this and content with it. I did however get in a strong, fast 1.4 miles (fast for me). I did it in 28 minutes which puts my pace at 3 mile per hour. Yep that's the same pace as my running was yesterday. I am very happy with that. My heart rate stayed up around 131 which is a nice fat burning hr for me. I am not upset about the lack of distance either because I know that I worked hard and the distance and time is secondary to how I feel when my workout is over. I FEEL GREAT!

Tonight is Day 2 of Week 1 of the pushup challenge. Xenia's post today inspired me to add the plank to the end of the push ups for core strength. I will let you all know how that goes, I have never been able to pull off a successful plank for more than a few seconds and post pushups will probably affect that time. Oh well! I am really looking forward to seeing if Whit can do it.


Is it terrible that I am enjoying this competition with him so much? He is still kicking my butt however, and I think I like it!

(Sorry Mary! Love Ya)

Yeah, I know, I need help.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


MizFit said...

the plank kicks my arse EVERYTIME.

still using the same signature as yesterday? :)


Jenn said...

Yep, it's still happy training for me and today is a run day, Yeah!