Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We where so busy yesterday that I didn't get a workout in at all. Oops!

I was pretty lax about my workout this weekend too, what with the start of Olympics and all. I really have to be careful about spending so much time watching the athletes and not enough time becoming one myself.

Today I was back on track. We went for a 2.47 mile interval run today. Then it was home for last nights push ups and then my lower body workout. We got off course with the push ups too so we started over with Wk 1 D1. I will have to modify the spreadsheet to show this little set back.

Our run today was pretty good. We drove out to a parking lot about a mile or so from the Bay Recreation area visitors center. We took the mile long trail to the visitors center, went around a monarch preserve, then headed back to the car. I ran for a good portion of the way and our time was 48 minutes. Yet again at a 3 mph pace. I am looking forward to hitting a 4 mph pace someday.

On the way home from the run we stopped to get our CSA box and a couple of home made blueberry muffins from the farmers wife. Total cost for 2 muffins and a loaded box, 16.75. Not bad considering all that comes in the box. Here is what we got:
4 big Yukon Gold Potatoes
5 small yellow squash
3 zucchini
2 garlic bulbs
1 purple pepper
1 green pepper
4 sweet banana peppers
1 bunch small beets
1 large red onion
1 small bag basil
1 bunch of chives
1 bag broccolli
1 bag baby romaines

We are really loving this CSA thing. It is forcing me to be creative in my cooking in order to be able to use it all and I know that it's organically grown from heritage seeds. That knowledge gives me a sense of comfort in what I am putting into my body.

Back to the workout, when we got back we did the push ups and the plank (20 seconds for me and 30 for Whit). Then I convinced Whit that he should do my lower body workout with me. He said he worked muscles today that he has never worked before. I just had to laugh. He is so cute.

The only problem I had today was that my shins started bothering me on the way back from the park. This issue with my shins is driving me crazy!

On a good note though, I double bagged the boobies and that seemed to help my back a lot. Also my friend over at L.A. Daze found some sports bra's at her womens running store that might work for me. This one is called the Moving Comfort Maia Bra. It is moisture wicking and breathable which are both good things when the sisters are big enough to have their own zip code. lol.

Well, back to the Olympics!

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


L.A. Daze said...

Yum...those veggies sure do look good. I love to cook, and get all excited when I see pictures like that!

I hope the bra works out for you!

Alice said...

Man, it seriously bugs me that bras with actual support look like a chastity belt for your upstairs. Grrr!
As for getting off the workout wagon, I cannot say enough for working out first thing in the morning. Try it.

Mark Salinas said...

The am is the way to go in my book! :)

Adrianna D'Angelo said...

Yo Jenn!
Beware the shin splints... once they get going, it's hard to resolve.
Love love love the workout/Olympics/bras/CSA stream-of-consciousness! :)
You're doing great!