Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Calendar and Blog Changes!

Changed to a new blog template out of boredom.

The calendar shows how my workouts will break down. However you can't actually see it, too small. hehehe. Sorry.

So here is the deal. Days that I don't get in my workout will have a red circle, Days that I only get in part of the workout will get just one slash, Days that I get it all in will get the cross, and days that I get in the pushups with get a heart or something. I will have to think about it. Wish I could have figured out how to make it more visible. Ugh.

Work, Work, Work!

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


MizFit said...

out of boredom?

IM SO SUCKY (the technical term) with computers I fear Ill never change mine...


Xenia said...

Nice calendar! I'm lazy and just put stickers on my wall calendar to mark days I've exercised. Your's is cooler.

Well done on the grades and doing the push-up challenge. Speaking of which, I better finally start on week 2. :)

Jenn said...

MizFit: One of the great things about blogger is that you have a lot of choices for changing things up.

Xenia: I used to do that too, but I am trying to be accountable for my workouts to help me form the habit. Also the calendar was really easy, just a pic and paint.