Monday, August 4, 2008

"I like to Move It, Move It!"

My workouts went pretty good today. I was supposed to do two 30 minute walks outside today, however it was threatening rain. So instead of doing my outdoors walking I did a Leslie Sansone "Walk at Home" video. She is annoying, but she works my butt off for 45 minute intervals. I did a "3" mile walk today and my heart rate was almost as high as when I am jogging outside. I don't really understand why because jogging takes more out of me, but I can sustain the higher levels of heart rate longer with the "walk" videos. This is still a last minute resort but it is working out to be a good alternative as well.

As for my strength training, today was lower body day. I decided to cut that down to just 15 minutes instead of 30 like I had planned because I really don't want to burn out. I want to be able to keep this up for the long haul. As the MizFit's are saying "Consistency is the key".

Also I have decide to do the bracelet thing to remind me to drink all of my 10 glasses of water (because I sweat like a pig and need the extra hydration). I have a bunch of really cute rubber bracelets in pink and black that don't match anything I own anymore because I have not worn them in ten years. They will work perfectly, and when people ask about them, (which I am sure they will) I can explain the theory and pass it on. Just one more thing on my list. *sigh*

Whit and I are not doing the push ups till after I get home from class tonight. The reason for this is that is often the only time we spend together these days and this is a "we" thing. Therefore I will post how we did tomorrow.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn

P.S. I was struggling to figure out why my mouse was not working, I was moving it but to no avail. Then I realized that my cell phone and mouse where sitting side by side and it was not the mouse that I was holding.

Sometimes I am so blonde!


L.A. Daze said...

Lol! I have had times when I am frantically looking for my keys or cell phone...only to be holding it in my hand.

Keep up the strength training! I am trying to work towards doing it 2-3 times a week, but so far I have only managed to fit it in once a week. I just hate going to the boring!

Jenn said...

My trouble is usually caused by overdoing it, getting too sore, then giving up till the next time. I am really trying to be more moderate with this go around. I prefer to work out at home mostly, however I am going to have to join a gym this winter. I am not hardcore enough to run in the snow and ice that we get up here.


Alice said...

I love lolcats... And yes! Don't go overboard only to quit because "too much, too soon". Keep up the good work

Laura said...

Love that you're trying Carla's bracelet idea! I think I'm pretty good about drinking my water, but maybe I'll try the bracelets for a day or two to prove it to myself.

Jenn said...

The bracelets seem to be working. I am definitely getting in more water than I was before. I am between 8 and 11 glasses now as compaired to 4 or 5 before.

I always struggle with getting enough water even though I know that I need it.