Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our Anniversary and a Gloomy Day


Last night we celebrated the second anniversary of our first date. We went to dinner at the local chinese restaurant, then came home to a couple of bottles of Piesporter Michelsberg and some rented movies. We had a lot of fun and got pretty tipsy as we finished both bottles in 4 hours. This was a special night for us because we don't get to live it up like that these days. Money is short and getting shorter. However we enjoy each others company and even if we couldn't have gone out or had wine we would have had a good evening.

I know that one day we will look back on these times and remember them with an edge of nastalgia. Time does that you know. As the years pass by, time is busy coloring everything in our past with a hint of peace and joy that we don't always notice at first. It is so hard to remember to stop and appreciate the things that are happening right now, but time makes it a pretty picture anyways. Something we will always have to look back on and remember.

As for training, as you can see on my schedule I was supposed to get in a run today. However, it has been raining all day, and our power even went out for a couple of hours.

I was going to wait it out and run when the sun comes out again but that darn sun is not showing any signs of making an appearance today so I am going to do the Leslie Sansone video again. Today is also upper body day and we have to get our push ups in as last night we where a little to tipsy to workout.

Other than that today is all about cleaning house and cooking my man a nice meal. We shall call it anniversary day 2. Although I think the picture would be more accurate like this.

Roseanne, My favorite domestic goddess!

Happy Training,
Love Jenn

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Mark Salinas said...

This has nothing to do with your post but...go Phelps! :)