Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wishing I had a hammock right now.

It's a beautiful fall day and I am taking a bit of a rest. I am thinking that thursdays and sundays may end up being my rest days. At least that is how it's turning out.

I have been on a carb mission today. I am craving carbs so badly right now. I am eating dry whole wheat toast and loving it. lol.

Off to find something else to distract me from homework. Later taters!

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


Marcy said...

I love hammocks. We don't have one either *sigh* My parents do and I totally love to kick back in it.

new*me said...

I have never been on a hammock but it has always intrigued me :) Sundays are my rest days. I think you need at least one a week.I had a carby kind of day too but tried to stick to good ones. It was a cloudy day.....maybe that triggered it.

chia said...

My carb kicks are usually complimented with ezekiel bread or thomas light whole grain english muffins. Super fiber ;-).

*sigh* Gotta love rest days! Happy friday girlfriend!

Mark Salinas said...

Me too! I am taking carbs off for a couple of days! :)

MizFit said...

3 cheers for rest!

and for listening to what your body wants sometimes and giving it good complex carbsaplenty.


Miz who has a hammock and a Toddler who loves to play in it. come on over!

WeightingGame said...

We have a freestanding hammock on our porch and I love it, even if the Chicago wind did manage to blow it clear over the wall and down two floors. It landed upright and did not break, so I'm happy.

WeightingGame said...

next time I'm in Bay City, Michigan, I'll treat you to some Oreo cheescake, K?

Jenn said...

Yeah!!! Cheesecake and Leslie all in one go.

I feel so special