Wednesday, September 17, 2008


As you can see, I did some housecleaning. Yet again I was wanting a change. Will I ever be content with things as they are? Probably not. But it's good to change things sometimes. It keeps you on your toes.

This is true not only in blogger land but also in our lives and especially in fitness. When we get used to things being as they are it leads to complacency in life. We stop moving forward toward our goals and dreams. In the same way if our body gets too used to what we are doing it will stop responding, it will learn to adjust. This is when we hit the dreaded plateau.

So in short, don't be afraid to change it up a little. It's does a body, mind and spirit good!

In other news, I officially landed an externship today. My interview went great, they loved me, and she was all about talking "the future" with me. I am confident at this point that it will lead to a job offer.


On the exercise front, I have been busy and using that as an excuse to not get my workouts done. I have been walking Butter, but that is not done strenuously! So tomorrow I am going to jump right back in the game. I think I will be switching up my routine next week. I'll let you know when I decide something.

I have also started another blog that will be focused on the rest of my life so that this one can be dedicated more towards my fitness goals. I am wanting to go a little more serious blogger on you but didn't want to use this blog for that. You can find my new blog here.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


new*me said...

Have to say LOVE the new look!!!! I was like.....who is I on the wrong page ;)????

Jenn said...

Thank You. I get the urge to change things up around here about every couple of months. Don't get too used to it though. I saw some pretty cool Christmas themed backgrounds on there too.


POD said...

I thought I was on the wrong site too. Looks good. I will check out the more serious side. ;-)

L.A. Daze said...

Congrats on the externship!!

MizFit said...

I, too, thought WAIT WHAT WHERE AM I?

love changes.

hard to do but shaking things up is ALWAYS GOOD!

cant wait.


Marcy said...

YAY!! CONGRATS! Change is def good. Nothing like a little spice added to the life, right? ;-)

Mark Salinas said...

Great look! Happy training to you as well! :)

chris said...

Like everyone says, I love the new look.

Vickie said...

Good luck on the almost job offer! Keep positive and good things will come to you. Its always good getting back to your exercise routine too because it helps you deal with everything else in your life.