Saturday, September 27, 2008

A long day and A well recieved Award!

Yesterday was supposed to be a pretty much normal day. Go into the office till 5 then be a nanny for an hour, then come home. However things don't often work out the way you think they will and my Friday was no exception. When I go to my nanny job I found out that the kids dad was not picking them up that night so my one hour became a full shift. Mr. C was being a little difficult but nothing that I couldn't easily handle. The dog was driving my crazy but I can look past that too. I was tired but I just kept telling myself that we need the money and doing this is not a bad way to make ends meet. I did my best to be upbeat and cheerful throughout the night. Then I came home and crashed. I had been awake at that point for 21 hours so I was exhausted!

Now I would like to take a moment to mention a special blogger friend and the award that she so lovingly passed on to me. I look forward to reading Annette's words every day because I always learn something from her. She is an amazing mother and a dear person in general. I would like to quote something that she wrote yesterday in her blog:

"Staying on the "passing it on" subject, if you could pass on one quality about yourself to one of your children...........if you don't have children, pretend that you do ;)... what would it be?

I would pass on my heart---- The ability I have to look past race, circumstances, or attitude to just see a person for the beautiful soul that they are. Even the grumpiest of people have good qualities. I try to strip it all away and remember that once they were just an innocent child. What factors in their life set the grumpiness in motion? Why are they hiding their real self? What can I do or say to make a difference for them today? I pray that my children will learn to see past all the layers of those that they meet, and reach out with unconditional love for everyone."

What an amazingly powerful message. I would pass on my strength. Physically, mentally, and emotionally strong. That is something that my own mother passed on to me. I am so grateful that she did too because I have needed to tap into that strength from time to time in my life and it has gotten me through many things that could have taken me down. I want my kids to someday show that same strength of character that seems to run in my family.

Now I think I am supposed to give this award to 5 or 6 people who I think deserve it. So although I would have loved to give it to everyone I have whittled down my choices to the following people. In no particular order:

Laura-- Who encourages me to keep going by being crazy and running every single marathon she can get to. I love that about her!

Xenia -- Who encourages me to follow my dreams by following hers. She is living her dream in Rome right now.

Linda -- Who encourages me by just being. She tries hard to do the best she can for her boy and herself. She has committed to her goals and is working hard to achieve them.

Chantelle -- Who encourages me by stopping by and telling me that I can get through whatever issue I am working on. She always has a kind word which is so wonderfully refreshing!

Charlotte --Who encourages me to try something new through her fitness experiments. I love to read her blog.

POD --Who encourages me by keeping a positive attitude through adversity. She has obstacles to overcome and she is doing it with a smile and a laugh.

Alice --Who encourages me by staying active and fit even during pregnancy. She is proof that you can be fit, healthy, and pregnant. She is funny and caring and has a great family.

So that is my list but I am also going to give it to anyone else who wants it. You all deserve this award too!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


Laura said...

Jenn!!!!! Thank you so much - that is so nice of you :) I hope we get to meet up someday soon!

L.A. Daze said...

Thank you so much :) You are so sweet!

Charlotte said...

Awww! This made my whole day! There you go spreading sunshine again:) You have some good blogs on that list! Has Alice had her baby yet?? She is set to be induced... Monday, I think?

Jenn said...

Alice's Inducement date was actually yesterday so if all went well then she has a beautiful little one at home with her now and she is getting some much needed rest.

You are all very welcome and you all deserve this award far more than I do because you are the one's that inspire me and keep me going.


Linda said...

Humbly, I thank you.

Alice said...

Aww.... Jenn, that was so sweet of you... Thank you. Keep up the good work, you too are an inspiration!

MizFit said...

I love all of those bloggers too----and chantelle? need to check her out.

YOU are inspiring woman.

and dont ever think that anything you say up in MizFit goes unnoticed.

I wrote a post yesterday and thought:
hmm, jenn isnt a fan.
wonder if she saw?
wonder if she'd agree shes a woman warrior.

you keep me thinking.


Jenn said...

Aww thanks Miz! That is the nicest thing I have heard today.

I really appreciate all of you and you all are the ones that inspire me.


new*me said...

Thanks Jenn! You keep me going! I love to visit over here :) Hope it was a great weekend busy lady!

POD said...

Thank you for the award. It was/is a very thoughtful gesture. I'm glad that we can all inspire each other. That's something I wasn't sure would happen and I'm glad it did.