Friday, September 19, 2008

Clutter Cleanup and Fall Decorating!

Well it's that time of year again. In fact it's my favorite time of year again! I love fall! The cool, brisk air. The colorful tree's. The bonfire's. The hot cocoa!

Oh how I have missed this time of year.

So since I only have a very short time left in this month my goal project is going to be decorating the apartment for the season. (Again I am going to apologize for the lack of photographic evidence. I will try to describe in rich detail so that you can picture it in your mind. )This is going to require me cleaning up some of the clutter. We have both been so busy with work and school that little chores have piled up and now I am stuck with a big job. We tend to have a lot of clutter around here anyways. We both came into this relationship with a lot of stuff. We each had our own apartments full of furniture and decorations and neither of us so far has been willing to part with much. Well mostly I have not been willing to part with much! I am a yard sale-aholic! (Is there an anonymous group for this?) Plus I tend to attach sentimental value to things quickly.

So for the rest of September ( and possibly October judging by the look of things) I will be working on Clutter Cleanup and Fall Decorating! I will try not to cry too much as I pack up my things. I will be sure to pick on Whit however when he cries while I pack up his things. J/K

Are we the only one's who do this? Please tell me that we are not alone in this problem?

Is there any way that I can blame this on my mother?

Again i'm kidding! (Although she is a pack rat too!)

Have a clutter free Monday!
Love Jenn


My Home - My Life said...

My goal in the coming months is to clean up my basement - I need to organize all my stuff. It has been driving my crazy for months and as soon as I get the time (haha) I am going to ORGANIZE!!!

The Berry's Patch said...

Hi there. I just cleaned out my closets. It's the perfect time for us to declutter. The kids are back to school and we can clear out toys. It's also a great time to make room for holiday decorations. :-)

Theresa said...

Well I'd love to say I wasn't a pack rat but it would be such a lie! Not only am I one but my husband is too. When you get finished cleaning out your stuff feel free to come to Kentucky and tackle mine!