Friday, September 12, 2008

I am Challenged!

The Gym Rat did a post this morning about challenging yourself and doing a little more. Well I thought this was a great idea so today I did the Firm Lower Body Sculpt and then I did the 3 miler video twice. That's right folks I did 87 minutes of Sansone.

All I have got to say is that I muscled through it and I feel really good about what I accomplished.

I also feel very hungry and a wee bit tired.

Having said that I am off to eat and shower and job hunt. Don't forget to challenge yourself today!

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


mrjwhit~ said...

Am I stalking you? I just thought you were insightful and smart. Darn now you're going to have to file a restraining order against me and all that. Geez. I hope we don't get on Jerry Springer. Gosh.

Jenn said...

I promise, the stalking is only me being funny. You will notice that my comments counter is "people stalking me" and so is my follower thingy on the sidebar. Hope I didn't offend!


Shanna said...

Very cool! I am impressed! Isn't it crazy how, your mind tries to pyche you out?!?! You think you are doing all that you can, but when you push just that tiny bit harder... suprise... you are stronger than you thought! Keep it up, girlie! You are doing great! =)

Mark Salinas said...

Ha! Funny stuff! :)