Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A New Routine For Core Performance.

Well I warned you all that I was going to change my routine. I bought Core Performance Essentials several months ago because I wanted to work on core strength, flexibility, and movement. I love pilates and these exercises are based on pilates but reworked for athletes. I watched the dvd and figured I was not going to have a problem with this at all. The moves are simple and looked easy enough.

I thought that I was pretty good already so I tried to start on 1B instead of 1A! Boy was I ever wrong. I was struggling to make it through the first set and B requires two sets. Yikes! I was feeling these exercises! I can see how this would condition your body, as long as you do the exercises correctly and with good form. Now I understand why stage one gives you 30 minutes for the 8 moves. They want you to concentrate on your form first. Then you can start to build more sets and reps into your routine.

One really neat thing about this workout is that it comes with a laminated card with all of the moves on it so that once you have the idea and have done it a couple of times you can just take the card and go anywhere. No dvd player required! I love this because it means that if I am traveling I can take my core performance with me. I can do it at my nanny job once the kids are in bed. I can do it on my lunch hour at the office. It works with my current need for versatility and flexibility.

I am really excited to see how this progresses so I am going to stage my own little Great Fitness Experiment. (Shout out to Charlotte! I love you girl) I will see how I am progressing each week and let you know how my body is responding to this routine. I have high hopes that it will improve my athletic ability at least a little and may help me hit the bikepath running in the spring.

Wish me luck!

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


Charlotte said...

Aw, Jenn! I love you too, girl!!! And I am so proud of you for doing your own Experiment! Sounds like it is working out well. Now I wanna try that program, lol!

And thanks for pointing me to your blog! Very fun stuff!

new*me said...

core stuff can be a challenge! Are you doing planks and side planks? Man, those are tough but the results are amazing. I love the muscle I have in my sides now :)

POD said...

I will be watching and reading to see how things progress. Good luck!

MizFit said...

I cant wait (better you than me *wink*).

I so need to focus more on my core.

much more.

perhaps you and your laminated cards shall lead the way.

Betty said...

You go girl! Good luck!

WeightingGame said...

good luck with your Charlotte-style fitness experiment...I love readin about her escapades and bet yours will be just as fun to follow!