Friday, September 19, 2008

Walking! Biking! Ellipticalling?

Remember when I told everyone about the Eowyn Challenge back in July. Well I have put a new ticker up for the Challenge and am well on my way to out of town! I will be logging miles for walking, biking, running, and the elliptical. If any of you are as big of a nerd/geek as I am, please join me on the journey, I would love someone to talk to along the way.

I was given some free gym passes from a lady in my class. I am going to use them to challenge my body a little more. I have been a bit lazy this week thanks to my hectic schedule and I don't want that to transfer into pounds on the scale.

Short post today, I am studying for my final test in A&P plus I start my nanny position this weekend. Yay for income!

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


Betty said...

Good luck on your test and have a great weekend!

chris said...

Good for you for considering to go to the gym even if you are busy.

new*me said...

sounds great! Good luck with the nanny !!!!