Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No! I didn't get abducted by the aliens!

I have been really busy and not had a lot of time for everything I am trying to do. Exercise is down to 3 days a week which is really low for me. With these two jobs plus all of the projects that I tend to take on, my time is just very limited. Hopefully it will get better soon. I am trying to get the house organized and decluttered. I have been getting annoyed with all the clutter for a while and when I started my other blog I decided that decluttering was going to be one of my first goals. I have worked my magic in all but two rooms in the house so far and I must say that it is looking much better. I am looking forward to the start of my next project which is decorating for fall.

I have been working on organizing as part of the declutter project. I have made us a financial organizer and a housework organizer. This has already started to streamline the day to day stuff so that I have a little more wiggle room time wise. My next organizing projects are expanding my recipe organizer so that I can say goodbye to all of those unused recipe books and a household organizer with stuff like addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, gift ideas, coupons, meal plans, and so on. Whit and I always have the best intentions to send out cards and gifts for stuff like birthdays and anniversaries but neither of us has a great memory and neither of us has a current list of all the pertinent info. I am going to be working on getting all of that info together this month. I am really loving the feeling of being organized.

On another note, I am going to be deleting my other blog. I just don't have enough time for two jobs, two blogs, exercise, housework, etc. and something had to give. So I decided that 1) I love blogging and the friends I have made and 2) this blog was here first and is my first priority, so I am letting the other one go. However I am going to keep some of the posts. They will be transfered to this blog over the next couple of days. I am telling you all this right now because the last time I made a big change I confused a lot of people and I still have not gotten some of my readers back. So consider this fair warning!

As for the weight loss challenge, I didn't lose anything again this week due to lack of exercise and not the best eating. I am feeling more adjusted now and hopefully I will be back on an upswing real soon. I know I can do this!

I have a special post in the works that I am not going to tell you much about. However I will tell you to tune in monday when I will be posting said post. I hope you will all enjoy!

Until then,


L.A. Daze said...

I love organizing as well! I'm just OC like that though. I get into these random organizing/cleaning moods and I can't stop. At least it is never dirty around here :)

Looking forward to that special post!

new*me said...

ooooohhhhhhh.....I'm so excited!!!!

Organizing is my love and passion ;) I wish I had more time to do it. It has to take a little bit of a back burner these days because of my 2 yr olds!!! I pull out stuff to organize........they grab and RUN!!!! It's a fun game we call stress mommy out ;)

MizFit said...

Im excited as well.

and wonder if you now wholeheartedly believe all the declutter before you can ever shed weight hypothesises?

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

All of your organizing is inspiring! Good for you!

I'm sorry to hear about your other blog, but there's nothing stopping you from putting a "domestic" post on this blog every once in a while, right?

Looking forward to Monday's post...