Sunday, October 26, 2008

21 Day Challenge... The First Checkin!

Well I hope everyone is doing well on their challenge. I have been checking in on you all when I can, sorry I don't have a lot of time these days to comment as much as I used to.

As for my challenge I am happy to say that I did in fact walk everyday. I am sad that due to illness I only did the bare minimum though so tomorrow I am upping the ante and changing my challenge goal to walking 3 miles every day. That is exactly one time through the Walk video and takes 45 min. to complete so I know that I can do this in the morning by just getting up an hour earlier. Should be no problem.

Now an update on my organizing and decorating. I have done some decorating but not a lot. I am happy with the simple nature of my decore for now and will work on adding more little touches until Dec. then it will be time for Christmas. Here are pictures of my little touches around the house. I am so glad to be able to finally post my own pictures!

I just added the swag above this picture. I have had this for years now and it's been up year round just because it depicts my favorite season and my favorite lifestyle so beautifully.

This was made by a friends father back in the 70's and I happened to come across it at a flea market. Again it is usually displayed all year.

This was a garage sale find my first year back in michigan. I love it!

I got these pillows at a craft sale. They used to sit on my vintage sofa but unfortunately we could not get it into our apartment so the sofa is in Mary's basement and the pillows are on the egg chair.

A friend gave me this little witch years ago and I just love her! Isn't she darling?

This little Indian Princess was given to me by my mom because she said that when I was little I was always making that face. In my own defense, that pouting face always got me goodies from grandma Sherry!

This is the scarecrow that my classmates gave me. I think he is so cute. He looks great over there with my sad little excuse for a house plant. I told you all that I do not have a green thumb and this is the proof.

That spider can play chess better than I can! However since I am only playing against Whit my lack of skillz can be overlooked and if I play anyone else I will just have to bring along my pet chess spider!

These two are one of my favorite Halloween decorations! I love that you can put red candles in their heads and when the candles drip it looks like they are dripping blood!

Here's a rather blurry close up. See what I mean about the red wax?

This little piece of cheap artwork cost me about 6 dollars to make! I got all of the pieces at the dollar store and just threw it together in about ten minutes! I think it looks great with my plaid placemats.

My best friend Missi gave me these canisters several years ago! She said they matched my color scheme better than hers anyway! I think they are great. ( I am working on removing the annoying reminders of diets past from my kitchen but I have to finish going through them and getting the recipes out of them first.)

Finally I leave you with my guardian. This guy is in the hall by the stairs. Everyone who enters must pass him. The best part is that the sword in the dragons hand is actually a letter opener!

Well I think that is quite enough for me today. For those of you who have entered the 21 day contest, don't forget to leave a comment and update us on your progress. Have a great day everyone.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn


Brooke said...

So far so good for me on the challenge too. I am officially down 3 pounds today from last Monday. Of course today was a morning weigh in, last Monday a night, so we'll see, but so far so good! Glad to hear your Habit has been working out as well, illness and all.

Laura said...

I'm not doing so well on the challenge - I blame the marathon. I didn't run on Sat b/c I was tired and figured I needed to rest up, and didn't run yesterday because my quads were killing me. But then TODAY for no reason I ate bread and rice! (Well, not for no reason - I was out for Indian and it came with my food and there wasn't much food beyond that). I still need to run today though... we'll see if that happens.

Xenia said...

Challenge update:
Chocolate: FAIL
Language study: WIN!

Glad you are doing well with the walking. Keep it up!

Love, love, love how festively decorated your home is. I long to have a home of my own one day so that I may do the same.