Sunday, October 5, 2008

Let's Take a Walk...

(Road To Domesticity post)

...around the internet for some great tips, trends, idea's, and RANDOMNESS!

I will start with a personal story about a girl, her dog, and her dogs really bad breath! I love my dog, but I am not overly fond of her breath. It is rank! We have tried a few things to deal with this little annoyance with mixed success. I read somewhere that parsley will help with bad doggy breath so I bought one of these. It worked great as long as she was chewing on it! However shortly after she had consumed the whole thing her breath would go right back to badville. I have had her teeth checked by the vet who says that she is fine and that some dogs just have chronic halitosis. I am not satisfied with that answer at all. So I have been searching for some help on the internet and came up with this. Cross your fingers and pray that this works! I don't want to have to resort to tying a ribbon around her muzzle! J/K!

Moving on to my fitness life, I came across this blog article this morning and wanted to share it with everyone. I sometimes feel like I am struggling with two Jenns, the one that is working towards her goals and the one that is sabotaging the other ones efforts. After reading this bloggers review I am going to dig into the original article this weekend. Anyone else want to take a look. I would love to hear your insights and feedback.

Keeping with the fitness theme for just a moment longer, have any of you seen this. I am a total geek, nerd, etc, and love the idea of following the path of the Hobbits. On my other blog I am taking the journey from Hobbiton to Rivendell. Would anyone care to join me?

How many of you love to read the classics of literature? I know I do. I love this site because I can read the book right from my lap top which means that I don't have to go to the library or book store (both of which are dangerous for my pocket book).

Do you have a brown thumb? I love gardening and houseplants but I always manage to kill them. I either over water or underwater! So what is my solution to this? Check this out! I am going to be giving a lot of these out come christmas time!

Finally I would like to leave you all with something fun. Just don't click this link at work unless you want the bosses attention!

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you enjoy the links!

Love Jenn

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Marcy said...

Love me some links. Thanks chica! I'm peeping the last one real quick, and it's so freekin cool!