Sunday, April 5, 2009

Making New Habits Stick

My new challenge starts tomorrow morning! I am excited and ready for the challenge! I will succeed! Positive thinking and positive energy and positive visualization will get me there. For those of you that are following along here is a recap of this quarters challenge:

1st 13-Week Challenge (04/06/09 - 07/05/09)

* 3900 Exercise Minutes (cardio and strength)=300 minutes per week=43 minutes per day

* On plan every day

* If it’s one flight, take the stairs

* Strength train 3 days a week

On plan means I:

* Eat within my calories (1,690)

* Eat at least 5 servings of fruit and/or vegetables

* Drink 3 liters of water

* Take multivitamin

I am determined to make some changes in my life and make my new habits stick. So I will also be gradually working my way into the Beck Diet Solution a few habits at a time. I will start with the exercise and motivation habits first then work my way into my eating habits. These are the habits that I will be working on for the next 3 weeks.

1. Motivating myself
a. read advantages deck
b. read response cards
2. Weigh myself once daily and record weight and change+/-
3. Get Moving
a. spontaneous exercise
b. planned exercise
4. Contact my dieting buddy (this blog and my blog peeps)

There are six more habits to incorporate in stage 1 of the plan but I will start with these. Once I am able to do all of them for 7 days without having to work too much to remember then I will start to incorporate more of them. I will post everyday on what habits I successfully followed and how I did. You can keep me accountable by coming back and reading my updates, commenting, and motivating me to continue. I will make my advantages deck and response cards tonight so that they will be ready for the morning.

So start sending all those positive vibes this way! Tomorrow morning I am going to be up with the sun! I will post and let you all know how I am doing. I may even let you in on some of the more personal, non- weight related goals as well. We shall see.

I know that I posted a lot today and hope that I didn't overwhelm you all.

Happy Training,
Love Jenn

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