Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Whole30 progress and stuff.

I am doing really well with my Whole30 program. I had one slip up on a very stressful day but otherwise I have stayed strong! I am finally over the detox slump and am feeling better and better. My cloths are already fitting more loosely and I have lost almost 6.5 pounds. (I know I am not supposed to be on the scale but it is hard to give up all of your addictions at once)

I have not started an official exercise program yet but my job has had me out walking around the property a lot.  I had planned to start this week but due to having a lot of work to do around here, I have not started yet. I will.

I am already thinking that I will extend the Whole30 into a Whole60 and start the new year off right for a change. I am realizing that I don't need the crap in my system to survive and I feel so much better without it.

I will already be doing a Whole30 Thanksgiving, why not a Whole60 Christmas and New Year! We shall see how I feel at the end of November but as of now, I think I could make it work.

In other news, I am attempting to read several books right now including Michael Pollan's "The Botany of Desire" and "You on a Diet" by Dr. Oz.  I am finding "You" fascinating! I love learning about the biology of how your body works to turn the stuff you eat into energy and nutrients. I don't necessarily agree with the diet itself but it is still an interesting read and I am sure that I will be referring back to it often.

Well, I think that about covers it. I was going to list all the food that I am eating but decided that is not the kind of blog I want to have. I may occasionally post recipes but they will mostly be other peoples and not my own. I don't create recipes, I throw stuff together and see what comes out. :D

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful week!

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