Monday, July 25, 2011

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Sorry for the lack of posting guys. The internet here is kind of iffy most of the time and trying to post from my phone is an exercise in frustration! Today it seems to be working alright so here we go.

~The Good
I have a job. I am so excited to be working again and contributing to our income. I am starting out as a part-time housekeeper at the Inn and RV park we are staying at. I will also be learning the front desk and gleaning any other information I can get from the current manager. The reason behind the gleaning is that she is leaving in 3 weeks and I have applied for her job. The housekeeper gig is so that I can get my foot in the door and make some money now. It also means that I can start to learn the different aspects of the job now and she can evaluate how I work and report back to the owner.

If I should get the manager's job, we will be moving into the 2 bedroom apartment that is included with the job. We will not be paying rent, utilities, internet, or cable. I will also have a monthly salary. Wish me luck! The current manager is pretty sure I have this in the bag but you never know. All of this is made possible by the fact that The Linemans current job has him staying in one place for over 2 years. It is hard to convince someone to hire you when you have no idea how long you are staying.

~The Bad
I am totally off the diet right now. I don't feel great at all which happens every time I go off this diet but there is not anything I can do about it for the time being. I do plan to start again when time and money permits but for now I will just make do as best I can and look forward to being able to rejoin the Paleo community in the future.

~The Ugly
Butter had an allergic reaction to something and ended up with a nasty rash on her rear end. We are not sure what caused it but it was pretty ugly back there. We took her to the vet and she was shaved and medicated and collared. After a week of treatment with some antibiotics and ointment she is feeling better and her rear is healed up nicely. The unfortunate part though is that she was only shaved in the rear where the rash was and the rest of her fur is long and scruffy! Poor thing looks ridiculous from behind! (enter your so ugly joke here) She is in desperate need of being groomed!

I did not take a picture of her rear end, but I do have one of her on the ride home from the vet with the e-collar on. She just looks sad and pathetic!

She was pretty ticked off at us for a while.

And here is something to remind me that life is good. (click to supersize)

Peace out people!
Love Jenn

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HOT Run said...

Poor Butter! Happy for your job and future prospects; I can totally see you as a motel manager and believe me I've dealt with a lot of good ones recently. I had a written goal for about 3 years to run again. Even writing it and repeatedly affirming it didn't really get me in gear. Today I jogged for 30 minutes without stopping. You can get to where you want to be. My daughter is getting married Oct,22; this is definitely one of the best years of my life after several difficult ones. Best wishes to all!