Friday, December 19, 2008

Leap of Faith

Well, maybe more like a leap of determination.

I need help. I have not been able to get going on my own so tonight I got a gym membership and a personal trainer.

I have been avoiding this decision because of the cost, that is until I had to go buy more pants because all my old ones are too tight. I realized that for the price of those pants I could pay for 3 months of gym time! I still got the pants because I really don't want to have to go to Christmas parties in my birthday suit, but I also made the decision to go to a gym.

I really liked this gym too. It's small and there are not a lot of people bumping into each other. It's 24 hours. The personal training comes with the membership. All in all a pretty good deal.

I got to take the tour with the owner/trainer and we talked about my goals and what I wanted to accomplish with my training. I didn't agree with everything he said but overall I was impressed.

My first training session is next friday and I am excited to get started.

I am ready to get healthy!

On another note. I am working all weekend and then next week we are heading down state for Christmas so I won't be posting or commenting until next friday after my training session.

I hope you all have a Wonderful Holiday!

Happy Training,
Love Jenn

P.S. What the heck is with all of this snow!?! Do we really need 10 inches of snow in one day? Seriously?


Alisa said...

I did great when I had a trainer. I didn't really lose all that much weight but I sure lost inches and my arms were bad ass.

Good luck, I hope you got a good'll know the day or two after if you can barely move.

Wow, that makes our 4 inches look piddly.

Charlotte said...

Good luck Jenn! Personal trainers are great! I hope you get a good one! You must let me know how it goes.

mrjwhit~ said...

Don't give up. Make sure you ask a lot of questions of your trainer. Take notes. Ask for feedback on form and the such. I am a true believer that unless we are really driven we can not get over the hump by ourselves. A trainer is a good way so is a workout partner. Either way you're going to reach your goals.

Xenia said...

Congrats. It's a big investment, but so worth it ... as long as the trainer's not a nob. :)

Enjoy the holidays and safe travels.

MizFit said...

Jenn Im so excited for you.
and, should I scrape the cash togethe Im there with you.

I need a trainer for a bit as my core/balance sucketh.

so worth the money.